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Projekt badawczy TEAM-TECH/2017-4/22 Fundacji na rzecz Nauki Polskiej (2018-2021)
„Innovative immunotherapy of autoimmune diseases using CD8 T cells modified by factors of parasitic origin”.

Kierownik projektu: dr n. biol. Katarzyna Donskow-Łysoniewska

The unfavorable outcomes in patients reflect in part the unsatisfactory understanding of the molecular pathogenesis and therapeutic mechanisms of autoimmune diseases. Intestinal nematodes are currently being evaluated as a novel therapy, due to their unique ability to induce immunoregulatory pathways in their hosts. The most promising option in the field is identification and characterization of immune targets. Recently, nematode induced populations of CD8 T regulatory cells are considered as a new target for therapy in autoimmune diseases (Patent application UPRP, No. P.418 202). Therefore this project is focused on multidisciplinary approaches to I. verify if CD8 Treg cells can serve as prognostic factors in ADs, II. develop a reliable, simple method to generate a high yield of functional immunomodulatory CD8 Treg cells, III investigate the individual and combined immunomodulatory activity of nematode proteins in order to develop refined nematode-derived therapeutics.

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